New Scout House will help bring generations together in Manhattan Beach

Social isolation went mainstream during the pandemic, when normally hypersocial young children and teens joined the oldest among us in the house-bound doldrums.

Such isolation, as we now all know, has a cost. Several studies have found that social isolation increases a person’s risk of premature death from all causes, bringing risk levels normally associated with smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity. It also severely impacts brain function, particularly among older adults, nearly one in four who live in social isolation; a study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found that social isolation is associated with a 50 percent increase in risk of dementia. Among young adults, social isolation is linked to increased risk of mental disorders, particularly depression and anxiety.

These are some of the reasons the Friends of the Senior and Scout Community Center are hoping to come out of the pandemic with a final push in fundraising to provide a local solution to social isolation, and to do so in a way that specifically brings older and younger generations together —  a brand new Community Center that brings together the functions of the existing Scout House and Senior Community Center near the city center.

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Thank you to the City of Manhattan Beach for their $1MM investment in the Senior & Scout Community Center!  Click here to read the article.


Pinewood Derby revs up a decades-old tradition in Manhattan Beach

The Beach Reporter, May 30th 2018

“Juliette Grandy, a 7-year-old Manhattan Beach resident, stopped in at the community-wide Pinewood Derby to design a model speedster to match her pink and blue shoes. That’s something she wouldn’t have been able to do last year.

This year, everyone was invited—not just scouts—to the 65th annual Manhattan Beach Community Pinewood Derby, which took place mid-morning on Memorial Day in the Joslyn Community Center as a fundraiser for a new Senior and Scout Community Center.”

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Thanks Manhattan Beach City Council, for your support and enthusiasm!

‘Fluid’ designs for Manhattan Beach Scout House include moveable walls

The Beach Reporter
August 10, 2017
3-D rendering from the preliminary designs of the Scout House in Manhattan Beach. Tomaro Design Group

“When Louie Tomaro set out to design a new community center to replace the nearly 65-year-old Manhattan Beach Scout House, he did so with two groups in mind:  scouts and seniors.  The groups’ varying needs resulted in what Tomaro describes as a “fluid design.” (Click to link to The Beach Reporter article.)

“We are really pleased that they (City Council) continue to be actively interested and supportive partners in the endeavor to build our scout and seniors a facility that will meet their needs into the 21st century.”

“The Scout House will continue to be used as it is today:  Seniors will have primary use of the facility during the day, while girl and boy scouting troops will have use of the facility in the after-school hours and on weekends.”

–Julie Justus McGinity, Friends of Manhattan Beach Senior
and Scout Community Center board member

New Roundhouse Aquarium, Scout House designs approved for Manhattan Beach

Easy Reader News
August 2, 2017

“Bret Bernard, a board member for the nonprofit, noted how heavily used the facility is, given the 1,500 scouts and nearly 10,000 seniors (35 percent of the city’s population) live in Manhattan Beach.”

“It’s a perfect partnership —  seniors by day, and scouts by night,” Bernard said.
He also noted the Scout House’s larger historical significance —  the year after it was built, the Scouts hosted the world’s first Pinewood Derby, a model car race which has since been adopted by scouts worldwide.” (Click to link to Easy Reader News article.)

Hometown Fair a Great Success

64-year-old Manhattan Beach Scout House at ‘end of useful life’. The 64-year-old Scout House has been used by generations of scouts and seniors in Manhattan
The Beach Reporter
October 2016

The Manhattan Beach City Council on Tuesday night approved a final design for a  new Roundhouse Aquarium and an initial design for the Scout House, two public-private partnerships that each will restore vitality to the city’s most historic remaining infrastructure. (Click to link to the The Beach Reporter article)

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