The Plan

A work in progress rendering and floor plans show our vision for the new Senior & Scout Community Center.

We have retained the services of Louie Tomaro, AIA.
Tomaro Design Group is a well-recognized Manhattan Beach firm noted for maintaining the highest standard of excellence in design and construction. Their track record proves their commitment to complete client satisfaction.

Employing the latest in innovation and technology, the new Senior & Scout Community Center will provide 7,000 square feet, designed for maximum usage flexibility. It will be able to accommodate large audiences up to 250 people, as well as incorporate smaller meeting rooms for more intimate gatherings. Roughly 1,000 square feet will be dedicated to the Older Adult Program of Manhattan Beach.

Additionally, the building will maximize indoor/outdoor space. The doors depicted in the front of the rendering will open up to a courtyard with a fire pit, barbecue area and amphitheater.

And finally, there has been a conscious effort to pay homage to the history and heritage of the original Scout House. The interior paneling, original signage and existing flagstone will all be re-purposed and utilized in unique and interesting ways in the newly built structure.

We are confident that this state of the art structure will be a look to the future while embracing our past, and will become a cornerstone of the downtown Manhattan Beach area.

Latest Senior & Scout Community Center rendering
Courtyard View


Overhead Rendering